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Our History

Cindrella Garments was founded on 13th July of 2012 and later it was registered under the Indian Government on 15th May of 2015. Cindrella  Garments decided to bring in new ideas and innovation in the Women’s night wear.Cindrella Garments is a popular garment manufacturer and the leading textile industry in Tamil Nadu. We are specialized in Women’s clothing, like nighties. We have multiple PRODUCTION BRANCHES across tamilnadu. The best profit we earn from our business is Customer satisfaction and trust is our valuable asset. Cindrella Garments will play a significant role in the Indian Women’s clothing market Because Cindrella Garments is always bound to their words and does not commit to something that can’t achieve. Cindrella Garments focusing the wholesale and retail business of our own nighty brand called Cindrella Nighties. Our special significance on the usage of quality fabric materials, and conformed high-Quality Control Standards, both ensure that our manufactured clothes have rich quality, Comfort and consistency, thereby allowing us to earn the trust and confidence of our customers




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Mr.V Prabu MBA

About The

Cindrella Garment’s success depends on the best key managerial Person Mr.V Prabu MBA a Founder of Cindrella Garments. He has expertise in the areas of leadership, management education, corporate management, entrepreneurship development. Mr. V Prabu is one of the key people in Cindrella Garments for taking decisions and managing the day to day affairs of the company.

Our core values


The reason we stay loyal to customers is because of their values. Cindrella garments strive to combine physical, emotional, and logical elements into one exceptional customer experience that you value as much as they do. 


To be a pioneer in the Women's clothing industry with constant invitation in design, material and quality, our product will define the customers love towards our brand.


We are responsible for what we manufacture and guarantee the originality of the products with high customer satisfaction. All our manufacturing products are sourced directly from our Manufacturing units.  


Establish a unique women nighty brand in the nation. To always achieve our customers trust and Love  To provide women with unique and latest designs. To be the leading producer of the customized and printed nighty brand in India. Exceeding  customer expectations and fulfilling those needs Producing the quality and best product as a core value of our cindrella garments.    


T.Prema’s innovative leadership and management skills have profited and added motivation and ability in each associate of the company. Currently, she is looking for marketing and Women’s welfare activities for “Cindrella Garments”. She has the strength to improvise and meet the specifications of our clients within a stipulated time period and plays a virtual role in Cindrella Garments.

Executive Director
Mrs.T Prema